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up-date May 12th, 2024

Energy, initiative, positivity, and creativity are my weapons. And determination. My problem? I don’t give in to compromise if the opponent is in bad faith. Usually, I bend it to the corner, then I chase him/her and knock he/her down, and the obligation to surrender. What have I inherited from my boxing DNA? The reactivity to injustice. April 25th, 2019 – Brescia arena

🥊🥊Sunday, May 12, 2024, Mother’s Day, cycling in Segantini Park in Milano, I picked this wonderful geranium-colored rose for my Mom, to all the Moms in the world.

🥊🥊There are moments when you feel a laughing joy that transforms everything so that the world is all illuminated; it comes and goes, as it pleases…Milano, my Naviglio Grande Canal, January 10th, 2024

🥊🥊Here I am, the Boxing night is about to start at Tarczyriski Stadion in Wroclaw, Poland 26 08 23. USYK vs DUBOIS. Read my articles on my Blog. 

In a corner of my neighborhood, the Naviglio canal, in Milano precisely next to the Porta Genova station, I saw this splendid Nativity very meaningful by a street artist. It deserves to be protected, taking a look at it is a thought of the divine, a prayer that is good for the heart and to the many thoughts that make us worried. The Jesus Child is our future to be better. December 24th, 2023

Happy Monday Friends! Rome, 24 July 2023, 08:00 AM, waking up between the Aurelian walls and the Bassetti palm tree is like waking up in another era, ancient Roma, with the religious mystique represented by this towering, beautiful palm tree.

a ray of sunshine, energy for the soul. 29 06 23, Milano AEM

Milano, my Naviglio Grande, like every year the Painters’ Exhibition. September 19th 2023

23 04 23, A moment of relax. Milano is many things…from the past to the future, all creativity is here. River of people from all over the world for the Design Week, at the Fuori Salone. RAW is among my favorite shops for the style and research of objects.

“The days of the “Blackbird” It’s clearing time, Naviglio Antiques Market – Milano 29 01 23

Tonight 18 11 2022, I’m between Sergio and Edoardo, two boxing amateurs of MGM Gym in Milano, at the presentation of the 2nd edition of my book, at BookCity Milano at the Parenti Theater.

Today is October 31st, 2022. And this year the fall doesn’t start yet…So I took a trip to Tremezzo, Lake Como, to Villa Carlotta to see the beauty, the exhibition of the bicentenary of Antonio Canova. And Villa Carlotta like all the wonderful historic villas overlooking Lake Como leaves you breathless. In the background, Bellagio. Of course, I didn’t miss the shots…

Today 24 09 22, I’m coming back from Rome with a great job at the last bars, the immense docufilm and before jumping on the train to Milan, a smile from the Trevi Fountain for my haters who couldn’t do without standing in my way, it’s funny to see how they struggle to find solutions they don’t have. They only know how to steal. They don’t know how to confront. They don’t humbly know how to give space to such a great, immense victory of Legality, Merit, Pluralism, and Sports Culture.

A shot in the square of our Italian Parliament, to remind you that tomorrow 25 09 22, the vote is essential to eliminate, to make a clean sweep of a system that has impoverished our culture, has harmed our dignity, has played with metaphor of football, in every subject, political, economic, social, dramatically impoverishing our lives. Of all of us citizens. Excluding theirs. The only cornerstones are our President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Mario Draghi. All the rest is crap that has cheated us in recent decades, it’s crap from which all power must be taken away. To restore legality, merit, and pluralism.

IF we want it will be the end of a nightmare.
Milano I’m coming home! I don’t remember ever missing a vote or a referendum. If you can choose its Democracy. If you don’t vote, you can’t rebel, just suffer and you’re screwed, you don’t notice it and in the meantime, they steal your life.

Focus in, if fighting you lose concentration you are dead. Roma, July 27th, 2022

So long Paris. I miss you already … in my mind I think I might already jump to the next opportunity, the challenges and rewards it offers. It’s hard work, but not impossible…January 15th, 2022

BOOK CITY MILANO November 17th 2021, what a wonderful marathon of more than 1.400 book’s events! Photo by Massimiliano Scuriatti pistachio, cream and strawberry ice cream, to All my Dear Friends and Followers, Sport Culture Lovers and not only, for My Birthday Wishes 08 08 2021 – Ventotene Island – Italy

 At The Cannes Film Festival, extrasensory experiences at the Italian Pavilion. In short, the house of the madness …July 14th 2021

Weekend 13-14 June 2021, by bike from Milan to Como. Cableway to Brunate. But how beautiful is Lake Como with those precious shores? In the background on the right, see Monte Rosa, Alps.

And finally the Coronavirus lockdown is over! Again unmasked it’s June 8th, 2021 on my Naviglio Grande. How romantic is my neighborhood, the Ticinese? The canals and the locks of Leonardo Da Vinci; all houses are different from one an other, every house is a painting, courtyards and railings with intense scents of jasmine and lavender. Alleys that take you to courts with many stories that are lost in the time..

Milan, May 30th, 2021 in the Galleria the Endless Trophy of the legendary Giro d’Italia, won by the great Colombian EGAN BERNA who won the Maglia Rosa 2021 of the #104 Giro d’Italia!

Milano La Darsena, spring 2021 the obligatory mask…

…summertime isn’t over yet, we still free. – Sirmione (Garda Lake)

The castle of Sirmione, the caves of Catullus. How beautiful is our Lombardy! But do you like my flip & flops? I have two pairs, unsure of which color to wear, here they are both …
The native vineyards, the olive groves from Franciacorta, a triumph of flavor known throughout the world.

After a dip in Lake Moro, I dry myself sunflower among the sunflowers …

By bike along the Iseo Lake then, two km of steep uphill by bike, to reach Lake Moro. But wow …! A stretch of water immersed in the Bergamo Prelalps in Val Camonica.

Here towards Monte Isola, Lake Iseo. The weekends at the Lombard lakes, among the most beautiful in the world, my friends are the at the imbarcadero bar ready with the glass full of chilly white wine…It’s nice to have the birthday in august.

There are no big events to animate Milan’s summer 2020, as usually with the arrival of hot days. Here the Milano cinema museum has rediscovered the old cinemobile and enchants the nights with films in the courtyards of Milano.

We work in smart working. In June 2020 the Milan Darsena is deserted. As it has never been … I did a great job after all. The lockdown if possible allowed me more concentration. I shot exceptional shots in an unreal Milan as I believe most of my colleagues. Smart working in production and publishing is nothing new.

The mask is a mandatory also outdoor at least until July 15th, 2020.

April 2020, I’m on my Naviglio, the confinement with the obligatory mask does not prevent the jasmine of Milano, from spraying spring with their sweet scent …

On March 4th, 2020, the last bus, to return from Rome, before the lockdown in Lombardy. There are no trains, there are no planes … I had never travel Roma-Milano by bus. I would have done it on foot, I could not leave my Milano, my Lombardy Region alone …

I love my Milan in every detail. This cast iron fountain is a symbol, “the green dragon”, there are thousands distributed around the town.

Milan has always been nice and inclusive with anyone …

Milano is the most glamorous Made in Italy in the world, it’s in every corner of the town, here the Etro shop, one of my favorites, in Brera.

author/director/actress/editor/boxing expert

I was born in the Great Boxing, I breathed it all. Since 2000 I have been expert at the prized ring side of int’l boxing events in the best arenas around the world, accredited by the major boxing organizations.

-May 2015. Release 1st edition of my book IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI-boxing is violent but violence isn’t boxing- Publisher RAI-ERI

–July 16th, 2016 I win the 53rd Award Selection Bancarella Sport

At the legendary Vigorelli  velodrome at my disposal,  to present my book in my town, Milano.

At Feltrinelli’s bookstore in my hometown, Varese.

With Daniele Redaelli, editor in chief of  La Gazzetta dello Sport, at Mondadori’s bookstore in Padova. Garbelli’s family has 96 years of Boxing History.
My book in Pontremoli’s square  at ‘Il Salotto d’Europa‘,  speakers Massimo Giletti and Alfredo Bassioni..

At the very first presentation of my book. It will be 51 throughout all Italy. Here it’s May 15th, 2015, at the Int’l Book Fair in Torino , among my dearest friends ever: the actor Franco Sangermano and prof. sports medicine and WBC delegate, Mario Sturla with Debora Tundo.

Here with prof. Mario Sturla. Vittorio Sgarbi as a friend of my father Garbelli, boxing is the only sport that art historian professor likes and he is interested, (he immediately girded his waist with the belt of my dad Garbelli, WBC, World Champion!). Then the actor Franco Sangermano. And for RAIEri, the CEO and my publisher Luigi De Siervo.

the Milanese historic library in my neighborhood,Ticinese.


–  Here is my monologue against the system that explains my professional stalemate.
Will the system change? It seems so. Optimism is the key to reading my life.

If the Italian corrupt politics, it’s finally burned out and then there will be a real change- ha why do I quote the politic? Because in Italy all cultures, sport, cinema, communication, art, entertainment, are financed by politics-.
So, If the change will materializes I can hope that you will soon see in theatrical release and TV screens my docu-film IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI -boxing is violent but violence is not boxing-
The protagonist is GIANCARLO GARBELLI, our best Italian Boxing Champion ever, between the greatest in the world. Rich in witnesses. It’s about sport and human culture, history. And profound sensitivity. I wanted to make an indelible contribution to the History of the Great Boxing World.
I’m the author-director-editor and producer, supported by qualified technicians.
It took 16 years of battles, work, debts to make it possible. When it will be release …? Of course I need my country Italy, which is silent at the moment. Is it a political affair….? For me it is about cultural freedom, without vetoes and hypocrisies to pay tribute to the protagonist of our history.

-This video has nothing to do with my docu-film, it’s just a happy birthday for 80 years of my Dad Garbelli. I edited instantly. At the moment I can’ t show you more.

– I’m working on this docuserie with over 400 Boxing Champions, the best of all around the planet. Here I explain the idea. To update, please visit the page – DOCUSERIES-

-A true Lioness! We born 08 08 are evergreen! ???…or at least we try with the help of healthy habits….Thank you God, to keep healthy all my friends too. In particular the ones that are more fragile. To fight in the jungle of life we all need health! KEEP HEALTHY HABITS, it’s my message in this 2018 birthday. Respect your body, your soul will be grateful. It’s also there, the youth secret…

I was born in Varese, my family is Milanese since ever. I studied at the Magistrale school, at Manzoni linguistic high school and at Bertarelli in Milano.

 my Milano.
my Naviglio Grande.


-I always been a sexy kind with a massive dose of irony.

2018 spring time at all cost…

“It’s hard to submit to the command of those who are worth less than us” -Demostene-

I am attracted by the charm of vintage.

reading Sports article on paper has its own meaning…

I studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and I am observer member of the Actor Studio in New York. I starred in off-theaters, played in prestigious theater companies such as Il Piccolo Teatro di Milano.

Here I’m protagonist of the theatrical play La Portineria by Giovanni Verga, for the Verghiana trilogy, staged at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, at the Stabile Theater in Catania, as well at Biondo Theater in Palermo and Argentina Theater in Roma..
I wrote for the cinema and directed and performed, produced TENTAZIONI METROPOLITANE –story of a prisoner in semi-liberty-  on AMAZON PRIME since September 14th, 2020, the film is visible in the USA, UK, GERMANY and AUSTRIA. And since January 4th 2021, also in ITALY