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Biography-novel imbued with truth and epic fights, my father wraps and unwraps his beautiful big hands, thick and dense, we speak of boxing, we talk about us. …And I, who have grown up with these stories, I’ve known since childhood their smells, their emotions, and even their poetry. I have chewed boxing in the love of my father’s sterness and now find myself running to gyms, to ringsides, to capture the exhilarating images of men in conglict with themselves. I’ve seen their his past made of awful stories, transform and redeem itself in an anxious exchange of blows. Suddenly, in memory, their torture has meaning. Sacrifice and suffering until you’re in spasms is the joy of few men… who in overcoming the conflicts of where they grew up, become adults, finally rewarded…with peace in their souls.

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author/director/actress/ring side expert

In following the events of her father’s life, Gianna Garbelli has been able to highlight his great humanity, the human achievements even before his sporting success. Success that however were threatened and undermined by the crimes of the Italian-American Mafia, who only exploited the Champion Giancarlo for its own monetary gain, without ever offering him the opportunities of a world crown. Title or not title the great Garbelli fought all the best champions in those amazing years of boxing around the world. The book also features amusing stories and anecdotes, some out-right hilarious, of characters from an era that seem to be sketched out by the likes of Bianciardi, or even Gianni Brera. Nowadays, where we find ourselves surrounded by hardships, often dramatic to the point of suicide, Giancarlo’s story reminds those who didn’t know of it, of another Italy, of people who came out of a battlefield, from the ring of life, with fists tight, and their heads held high: a generation that never gave up.

Gianni Clerici
writer and Tennis Hall of Fame

the very first release of my book IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI
-boxing is violent but violence isn’t boxing- Publisher Rai-Eri
At the 27th Int’l Book Forum in Torino, Italy. Saturday, May 16th 2015, 08:00 PM at RAI booth.
Introduction by Vittorio Sgarbi with the author Gianna Garbelli, moderator the publisher Luigi De Siervo.

Event in the Event
The President WBC Mauricio Sulaimán with Prof. Mario Sturla as World Boxing Council delegate,

the most prestigious World Boxing Belt, crown ad honorem World Champion,

the Greatest Italian Boxing Champion ever, between the greatest in the world



with my brother Gabriele Garbelli

-my Mom Maria Mennea in Garbelli a great love story, not exactly a fairytale…

Giancarlo Garbelli get married ith my Mom Maria. The marriage’s witness is the entrepreneur Giovanni Borghi, owner of IGNIS. The first boxing champion to sign contract with the big sponsor.

-from handsome young fighter with many hopes…
to a great old roaring lion who sculpted the worldwide boxing history.

with my Dad


– bad clients…

-“… I would’ve wanted to die in the ring for the boring life that comes afterwards”. The Legend never die. -Giancarlo Garbelli-

-…My jaw was made of steel…? Sure. No One can teach you the chin. It comes from deep inside, it born from the heart.” – GianCarlo Garbelli –

-Fantastic pic. The Man. The Moment. The History.

-“ I saved him three times, i bended him three times, I punched to his body, shots to the liver…Papp never bended me”. -GianCarlo Garbelli-


– PHOTOGALLERY of over 51 presentations throughout Italy. What spectacular squares! And what beautiful people I met. And bookstores …, booksellers, readers, accompanied by amazing speakers …


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