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    GIANCARLO GARBELLI from today illustrious among the illustrious of his Milano!

    Today November 2nd, 2019.  Magnificent ceremony at the Pantheon of Milano, exciting, heartfelt and so, Dad Giancarlo Garbelli is enrolled among the Illustrious who made Milano great. There, his name is carved in white marble.

    Forever. Not a city, any province. El gran Milano! Looking at the list of the Illustrious, the meritorious contribution is very high, not only for Milano but for the whole of Italy, for Europe, to the whole world.
    People of passion for their work, and dedication to civil commitment.

    GIANCARLO GARBELLI from today illustrious among the illustrious of his Milano!

    Our Mayor Giuseppe Sala had solemn, important words, the vivid echo to the countless present honored us all. All of us have the Ambrosian history in our identity.

    I shared with my brothers and grandchildren, my closest and most dear friends, and those who couldn’t attend didn’t stop sending me messages of thanks for the honor of the invitation.

    I knew that Milan could not disappoint his Milanese DOCG, (guarantee original) Giancarlo Garbelli, Champion of Champions, all Milanese, and all Italian. The best boxing champion of all time, to date, that Italy has ever had, among the greatest in the world.

    GIANCARLO GARBELLI from today illustrious among the illustrious of his Milano!

    Classical music of a certain Peter Muller … no, not that German mastiff from Berlin, that exceptional thug that “Il Fighter d’Italia” Garbelli not less neutralized with his fearless competitiveness, winning in a net and higher score to the San Siro Stadium in Milan, it was the year 1960 … but it was a Peter Muller who was a sweeter composer who delighted us with the members of the Civic School dedicated to gran maestro Claudio Abbado and prepared us, wrapped up in the solemnity of the ceremony.

    Lamberto Bertolè the President of the City Council, underlined the praise to each of the new members in 2019. “We made it!” I whispered …
    Our Mayor Giuseppe Sala recalled the upcoming Winter Olympics in Milano-Cortina, and so stumbled upon Giancarlo Garbelli, boxing champion, Sport of great sacrifice.

    He concluded by quoting the Milanese song par excellence, the passage where he underlines the industriousness of the Milanese:

    O my beautiful little Madonna who shines from afar
    all golden and little, you dominate Milano,
    under you,
    we live life, we never sit on your hands …”

    I Gianna, my heart is full of joy. That honor!
    And it is forever.



    IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA, today writes an awesome article about all the inductee into Milanese Pantheon, celebrated, yesterday November 2nd, 2019.


    in between my brothers and nephews, with friends, the President of the Council of the Municipality, Lamberto Bertolé, and our Major of Milano Giuseppe Sala. 

    hear me… the AudioBook link of mine- IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI-

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    Does RAI SPORT open up to sports culture? It’s the first summer hit …

    THANK YOU RAI SPORT. See you soon …! AudioBook – IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI – “premiere” 2nd edition 2019 – n. 70 chapters – duration 22h and 13 ′

    Does RAI SPORT open up to sports culture? It’s the first blow of the summer solstice today is June 21st, 2019 … Or is it that the new RAI SPORT management finally knows what it is? The change of government makes a difference.

    I’m the usual doer … Boxing is the sport that has given most to the cinema, literature, and music to all the arts. To culture. How can he be stranded to make us Italians, believe that amateurs of the 3 rounds in tank tops and helmets are Champions? To be able to eclipse the Great Pros? We’ll talk again. The confusion generated by those who manage amateurism is abnormal.

    Does RAI SPORT open up to sports culture? It’s the first blow of the summer solstice…

    Here is a brief of an interview, a minute of the event of my Audio Book at the spectacular Brera Arena in the heart of Milan. I’m sorry there isn’t more than half an hour released with my live reading and so are the other exceptional guests.

    But never having happened before – Never RAI SPORT – has dealt with sports culture that was not the 24/7 usual football business. Or Formula Uno and the Giro d’Italia. It’s really an important aim.

    As always keep going,  hit in all directions, below, above, demolish the body and then surprise with a liver hook and finally even ignorance staggers, stops and kneels in Knock Down … the Audio Book THE FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI is quoted by RAI SPORT.

    It is no longer possible to ignore. Continuously peek, copied from the press that now no longer has any Italian  “expert pens in place” but only automatic translators. I can easily deny them … because you never see anyone in the ring that matters!

    And the Italian publishers who translate the usual foreign book of the genre, thinking of making money and having no culture of the subject, repeat the same stories by inertia, without any imagination, or research. If only there was competence …and sensitivity.

    Sports culture would be a blockbuster! And it would feed young dreams … achievable! And who is no longer young to relive the story they went through.

    As if Italian sporting culture didn’t exist. We are very badly placed. And I’m not quiet.

    I also made the docu-film – IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI – a gigantic work of 2 hours and 30 ‘- split into episodes for the TV. There, still. Stuck for over 4 years …Starring our Italian greatest Champion ever Giancarlo Garbelli. Among the greatest in the world. He is real that you can touch him …

    THANK YOU RAI SPORT. See you soon …! HERE is THE LINK to the presentation at the legendary ARENA BRERA in Milan last May 15th, 2019

    First Summer day. Below the Val Ganna waterfalls – Lago di Ghirla (Varese).


    AudioLibro – THE FIGHTER OF ITALY GIANCARLO GARBELLI – “premiere” 2nd edition 2019 – n. 70 chapters – duration 22h and 13′

    Friends, download the link, put on your headphones and have a nice listening! It is distributed by the most popular internet distributors. Here in the Italian language.

    hear me… AudioBook link logo
    hear me… AudioBook link
    hear me… AudioBook link      


    hear me… AudioBook link
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    Arrivederci at the ARENA BRERA next May 2020.

    The great afternoon today May 15th, 2019, sunshine shining in the blue sky on the ARENA BRERA and in the beautiful Sempione park with the bright colors of spring. Successful event at 6:00 pm punctual RAI SPORT gave me the interview about my audiobook IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI.

    As soon as the interview is edited and available by RAI SPORT I will have the link to show you.
    Luigi Bolognini from the newspaper Repubblica made a presentation page.

    Arrivederci at the ARENA BRERA next May 2020

    Thanks to my Municipality of Milan, the Vice President of the City Council LAURA MOLTENI came to represent the City. Excellent hospitality at the ARENA BRERA, at the Palazzina Appiani of the FAI -Italian artistic heritage.
    I wanted and obtained the ARENA BRERA which is a coincidence of the History that belongs to me, that’s why I wanted it: GIANNI BRERA wrote many times about “Il Fighter Garbelli”.  He was the one called it “The Fighter”, already in the 1950s. Two true Lombards. And what a Lombards!

    For me the Arena Brera is a precious moment of my teenage years here I won the 5 pentathlon competitions of the legendary Youth Games … Women’s Boxing is not about my generation, at least in Italy there isn’t any history about it. The character of the fighter is any way in my DNA … and last night I had to activate it.

    Everything is still and yet it moves …

    I opened with the reading of the 1st chapter to lend support to the conversation with the champions present: LUCA RIGOLDI and SIMONA GALASSI.

    For RIGOLDI it was a matter of looking for a combat sport to make it happen. Not many people bet on him, I watched him from the first time I met him in the Mondadori bookstore in Padua, at the presentation of my book with my dearest friend, editor-in-chief of the Gazzetta Dello Sport, DANIELE  “il magnifico” READELLI. RIGOLDI had conquered nothing, nobody, except his Maestro GINO FREO gave him credit, I “felt” that he had to talk to me. I certainly keep that precious first interview by LUCA “the tenacious” RIGOLDI.

    Without history, there is neither present nor future.

    Boxing history goes back to ancient times,  it’s a sport that is born with man, and where the exploits even Virgilio sang in the Aeneid cannot be a “memory”.

    You look at history to be better.

    This is how it’s happening throughout the Anglo-Saxon world and in the French, Spanish and German languages ​​and all the others to follow. We Italians can teach one/two things about history…

    In my paladin of sports culture, there is the firm conviction that without a past it is not possible to orientate oneself in the present. Not all Champions can transmit that inspiration.

    I gave myself all with my great Father Giancarlo Garbelli’s genius, rich in-depth and really impossible fights, his legacy is not dispersed. The hole to be filled in the sporting culture of boxing has succeeded me and for this, I thank my determination, the culture and the action of 93 years in boxing of my family,  are my shoulders, then the precious encounters with “boxing writers” that have enriched my journey of knowledge to the best rings of the earth.

    I have further invested in the production of the entire audiobook and certainly does the current distribution on the internet, encourages listening wherever you are as if you were listening to a radio …
    Let’s see if I can bring out the giant: the docu-film. At the standstill due to the political will of the past legislation … Mah!
    In America, it would be released in primetime on the most important televisions, after an excursion in the cinemas. Certain sports docu-films also win the Oscar.

    Arrivederci at the ARENA BRERA next May 2020

    SIMONA GALASSI has told us how she came from the Educational School of Sport, the world of team games such as volleyball to kickboxing, and then until the undisputed Queen of Boxing “not only from Romagna …

    I immediately wanted the protagonist’s boxers because they are the “Boxers” that must be highlighted. It’s not so obvious that in Italy it happens …

    Then prof. MARIO STURLA to present the boxer VINCENZO GIGLIOTTI to whom he passed the microphone, boxer of Calabrian origin who lives in Pavia, unable to support himself only as a boxer he preferred to be a construction contractor. He couldn’t do otherwise.

    His reference boxer is GIOVANNI PARISI, he was sparring in the gym, like he is from Calabria. PARISI was the Olympic champion until the Gold Medal. As a professional, he had an impossible rival, the greatest Mexican JULIO CAESAR CHAVEZ sr. that certainly did not make the Olympics and so as RIGOLDI which is our present.

    We exchanged opinions: GIGLIOTTI  claims that 25 days of notice were to short time for such a great rival.

    Well the GARBELLI knew of the confirmation of the fight vs PAPP, three days before, it was not certain that Communist Hungary would have given that exceptional permission to go beyond the Iron Curtain … To go beyond the borders without permits meant to challenge death. And many have died…

    PARISI vs CHAVEZ Sr. could never have made it, but PARISI wanted the bout,  DON KING gave it to him. He was sure he would lose it. I have a nice interview with PARISI, which is told to my camera, he also knew he was losing, but he wanted the challenge. Certain challenges give unforgettable thrills. He was proud of this PARISI.

    Arrivederci at the ARENA BRERA next May 2020

    I invited Maestro Benemerito GINO FREO, a true boxer creator. I pointed out that you become boxers, champions are born. And that all the trainer dream is that the Champion enters the gym … humble but not modest FREO has emphasized that evidently succeeds in obtaining the discipline, to transmit the passion. About RIGOLDI had the satisfaction of being sought, and this makes it even more proud. On the other hand, other boxers like BOSCHIERO and SANAVIA were completely born in his gym in Piove di Sacco, in the Padova area. Certain Champions the mother no longer makes … but the National FREO does!

    In the meantime, I was catching the faces of friends,  actors, professionals, boxing trainers, boys, and girls, elegant ladies, and I resumed reading the genial enterprise: Garbelli vs Papp.

    About halfway through, I stopped to give the Lombardia President of Coni- National Italian Olympic in Lombardia Region, Committee of  Lombardia- ORESTE PERRI, the great champion of the canoe with many laurels, former Mayor of his hometown Cremona, he is a lover of the best boxing.
    He had depth “even if I paddle with my back to the finish line you must always look at the stern….at the stern…at the stern!”  

    As I am also an actress and therefore I don’t miss pathos, while the audience participated in listening to my writing, at a certain point ANDREA LOCATELLI, stopped my reading, got up, and “dared” without being invited, he took the microphone to do his election propaganda. The guy is one who wants to try, after having been sawed the first time to become President of the Italian Boxing Federation.

    I met him about 12 years ago as a director of a TV rights company, Media Partners. One who should have acquired my job … For me, the man who can’t keep a word is a blah, blah, blah. Or it’s a braggart. The guy is both one and the other. Be clear once and for all. He then passed to the INFRONT management which led with others in the bankruptcy band …

    I have answers to him in kind. And here the DNA of the Boxing Champion’s daughter came out, I blocked him by saying, “What do you have to interrupt me to do your electoral spot”?
    He walked away towards the exit calling SIMONA GALASSI to take her out.
    There is no such lack of respect! What a useless man!

    And so the time stolen by this “troublemaker” blew up the programmed phone call to the boxer IULIANO GALLO who was waiting just after the surgery on the fractured hands at the Galeazzi orthopedic hospital …!

    Everything then resumed, ending with the last reading paragraph, the applause sounded, and then with strong hugs, laughter, handshakes, and many selfies …

    The evening continued in the excellent restaurant by Alfredo Zini, IL TRONCO, in the Isola area, with a delicious classic Milanese risotto, a triumphant tagliata, washed down with good Chianti and the mouth finally tired of a good round of cheeses. And the cantuccini of Mamma Anna …Thank You, Alfredo!

    THANK YOU MILANO, CONI, and FPI, to the public and to my listeners…

    Arrivederci at the ARENA BRERA next May 2020

    listen to me ….in Italian,  here the AudioBook link IL NARRATORE

    on La Repubblica  

    About Garbelli, Brera wrote great articles: “The story of Giancarlo Garbelli is that of our post- IIWW time. He is the real fighter. You go to see boxing because you want to see beating. Not to indulge in fencing surrogates. -Gianni Brera-

    Milano, May 13th, 2019

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    Ehy Friends the sign is heavy! Come and give me a hand at ARENA BRERA I’ll wait for you all! May 15th at 6:00 PM

    Come and give me a hand at ARENA BRERA in MILANO I’ll wait for you all May 15th at 6:00 PM

    A special THANKS to the ALPINES who have invaded MILANO for the weekend, and given Joy, History, and Civilization.

    BOXING’S PEOPLE,  CULTURE’S PEOPLE,  FRIENDS, I WANT TO SEE YOU AS THE ADUNATA OF THE ANNIVERSARY of 100 Year,  OF THE ALPINE next WEDNESDAY MAY 15th at 6.00 pm at the ARENA BRERA PALAZZINA APPIANI for the first alive ever in the world of my Audio Book IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI … well even if you don’t come in 500 thousand, it will be fine in 50 thousand…I think I can handle you…Ops!

    Ehy Friends the sign is heavy! Come and give me a hand at ARENA BRERA I’ll wait for you all! May 15th at 6:00 PM

    I wait for you all, from Milano and the suburbs, provinces, all of Lombardy and all the neighboring regions, Trentino, Veneto, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, from all over Italy and the rest of the world… We are close, an hour by train, from Central Station o Cadorna, o from Garibaldi, 5 minutes by Metro stop Moscova and you have arrived right in the heart of Milano where the Arena Brera is located. It’s an unmissable opportunity to meet all at the Arena Brera for the world premiere of sports culture and with our honorary Boxing Champions … and all our most representative Institutions … Ehy the sign is heavy! Come and give me a hand, I’ll wait for you all! Let’s talk, let’s listen…

    Listen to me… here is the link amazon

    Guess who is she?  No clue? She has to be me…

    what a wave of joy the Alpines in Milano!

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    Milano May 7h, 2019

    Press Communicate May 15th at 6:00 PM in Milano at the ARENA-BRERA.  A great celebration of sports culture. Alive the AudioBook Il Fighter d’Italia Giancarlo Garbelli.

“A Nation that does not recognize the sacrifice of Boxing is a Nation in decadence.” -Giancarlo Garbelli

An original evening for those unfamiliar with Boxing, and certainly for the Boxing folks,  for friends of sports culture, for anyone who is hungry for Knowledge,  to know our history.

The praise of the Champion Garbelli – our greatest ever – to be the best of ourselves, because there are also lives that don’t cry on themselves, and don’t throw themselves away … they redeem themselves and sublimate themselves until they triumph.

We become so much bigger, as much as we really are willing to respect the commitment made with ourselves: to be the best of ourselves. Overtake us.

An evening to talk about and listen to each other. I will do it with the alive launch of my AudioBook IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI 2nd edition. -Already Award Selection 53rd  Bancarella Sport 2016-

Press Communicate on May 15th at 6:00 PM in Milano at the ARENA-BRERA.  A great celebration of sports culture. Alive the AudioBook Il Fighter d’Italia Giancarlo Garbelli.

Our contemporary champions will be guests of honor: fresh from the European Title,  Super Bantam Weight division, confirmed last April 25th,  LUCA “the tenacious” RIGOLDI.
IULIANO GALLO is still at the Italian title, he couldn’t conquer that European Union belt last Saturday, but we believe, he will make it.

The undisputed Lady of Boxing, former WBC Flight Weight world champion, the Queen of Romagna SIMONA GALASSI, who step out of the ring, four years ago,  was 2015, her reign, in Italy is still vacant … And our lion heart,  CRISTIAN SANAVIA already WBC world champion that hung up the gloves in 2014 and after him, in Italy still the desert …And who knows what other surprises at the last minute!

There will be the boys and girls of the faraway gyms and those in the city here in Milano, those of the suburbs. And then cultured and curious people, and friends of the Great Boxing.
Meet everyone to listen to everyone.

I wait for you at the Arena Brera in Milano, the oldest active sports facility in the world.

The grand opening by Napoleon Bonaparte back in 1807 … since 2002 the Arena is dedicated to the great journalist/writer Gianni Brera. About Garbelli, Brera wrote: “The story of Giancarlo Garbelli is that of our post- IIWW period. He is a real fighter. You go to see boxing because you want to see a beating. Not to indulge in fencing surrogates. -Gianni Brera-

The luxurious Palazzina Appiani belongs to the FAI, a precious Italian artistic heritage.

And so for the occasion from the world of sport the speakers: ORESTE PERRI, VITTORIO LAI, ENZA JACOPONI, and MARIO STURLA. And representing the Municipality of Milano,  LAURA MOLTENI.

I expect many of you. It will be a great celebration of sports culture.

listen to me .   storytel

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GIANCARLO GARBELLI GREAT BOXING LEGEND IS FOREVER! Today March 13th, 2019  the “premiere” of the

AudioBook – IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI – boxing is violent but violent isn’t boxing“PREMIERE” 2nd edition 2019 (Italian language). #70 chapters – length 22h 13′

Dear Friends, if you know the Italian language, put on your headphone, download the link, and have Good Listening!

You will hear my voice that narrates to you the book I wrote – IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI – boxing is violent but the violence is not boxing – already winner of the 2016 Bancarella Sports Selection Award, here enriched in this 2nd edition.


the AudioBook in original Italian language   IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI

Risultati immagini per audiobook emoji🥊🥊🇮🇹
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