About me

author/director/actress/editor/boxing expert

I was born in the Great Boxing, I breathed it all. Since 2000 I have been expert at the prized ring side of int’l boxing events in the best arenas around the world, accredited by the major boxing organizations.

-May 2015. Release 1st edition of my book IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI-boxing is violent but violence isn’t boxing- Publisher RAI-ERI

–July 16th, 2016 I win the 53rd Award Selection Bancarella Sport

all the legendary  Vigorelli  velodrome at my disposal,  to present my book in my town, Milano.

at Feltrinelli’s bookstore in my hometown, Varese.
with Daniele Redaelli, editor in chief of  La Gazzetta dello Sport, at Mondadori’s bookstore in Padova. Garbelli’s family has 90 years of Boxing History.
my book in Pontremoli’s square  at ‘Il Salotto d’Europa‘,  speakers Massimo Giletti and Alfredo Bassioni.
at the very 1st presentation -its will be 51th  in all Italiy- here at Int’l Book Fair in Torino, with my friends: actor Franco Sangermano and prof. sport medicine and WBC delegate, Mario Sturla with Debora Tundo.
the Milanese historic library in my neighborhood,Ticinese.


–  Here is my monologue against the system that explains my professional stalemate.
Will the system change? It seems so. Optimism is the key to reading my life.

-If the Italian corrupt politics, it’s finally burned out and then there will be a real change- ha why do I quote the politic? Because in Italy all cultures, sport, cinema, communication, art, entertainment, are financed by politics-.
So, If the change will materializes I can hope that you will soon see in theatrical release and TV screens my docu-film IL FIGHTER D’ITALIA GIANCARLO GARBELLI -boxing is violent but violence is not boxing-
The protagonist is GIANCARLO GARBELLI, our best Italian Boxing Champion ever, between the greatest in the world. Rich in witnesses. It’s about sport and human culture, history. And profound sensitivity. I wanted to make an indelible contribution to the History of the Great Boxing World.
I’m the author-director-editor and producer, supported by qualified technicians.
It took 16 years of battles, work, debts to make it possible. When it will be release …? Of course I need my country Italy, which is silent at the moment. Is it a political affair….? For me it is about cultural freedom, without vetoes and hypocrisies to pay tribute to the protagonist of our history.

-This video has nothing to do with my docu-film, it’s just a happy birthday for 80 years of my Dad Garbelli. I edited instantly. At the moment I can’ t show you more.

– I’m working on this docuserie with over 400 Boxing Champions, the best of all around the planet. Here I explain the idea. To update, please visit the page – DOCUSERIES-

-A true Lioness! We born 08 08 are evergreen! 🥊🥊😜…or at least we try with the help of healthy habits….Thank you God, to keep healthy all my friends too. In particular the ones that are more fragile. To fight in the jungle of life we all need health! KEEP HEALTHY HABITS, it’s my message in this 2018 birthday. Respect your body, your soul will be grateful. It’s also there, the youth secret…

I was born in Varese, my family is Milanese since ever. I studied at the Magistrale school, at Manzoni linguistic high school and at Bertarelli in Milano.

 my Milano.
my Naviglio Grande.


-I always been a sexy kind with a massive dose of irony.

2018 spring time at all cost…

“It’s hard to submit to the command of those who are worth less than us” -Demostene-

I am attracted by the charm of vintage.

reading Sports article on paper has its own meaning…

I studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and I am observer member of the Actor Studio in New York. I starred in off-theaters, played in prestigious theater companies such as Il Piccolo Teatro di Milano.

Here I’m protagonist of the theatrical play La Portineria by Giovanni Verga, for the Verghiana trilogy, staged at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, at the Stabile Theater in Catania, as well at Biondo Theater in Palermo and Argentina Theater in Roma.


-I wrote the screenplay for the cinema and directed, interpreted and so produced TENTAZIONI METROPOLITANE aka JAILBIRDS – story of a prisoner that serve the sentence benefiting to work during the day, outside the prison –.
Starring Annie Girardot- Fiorenza Marcheggiani- Maurizio Donadoni, Stephan Ferrara, Narcisa Bonati, and many other very good actors. Original music by Robert Mouyren. Selected for Italian Panorama at the Venice Int’l Film Festival.
It was an interesting researching work to build the characters and so I started from the hardest reality: two prisoners in jail for very different reasons, one is an ordinary criminal, the other is political terrorist.
The inspiration gave me a girl who really lived this useless, illusory experience. Then to write the screenplay, I studied, attended all of humanity involved, on the borders, on marginalization. I went in search of the real places, giving the authenticity of the social drama, the atmosphere, the prejudices, to direct the set at the best. With an inexhaustible desire to live, I draw this hard story, as raw and rough is the material that has stimulated my creativity.
exceptional supporter, recognizable the fascinating trait of Milo Manara among the great cartoonists of all time.
Me and Annie Girardot, we are the movies protagonists. What a terrific actress Girardot!

from left the coprotagonist Fiorenza Marchegiani, me and Laura Visconti in TENTAZIONI METROPOLITANE

frames from TENTAZIONI METROPOLITANE.  Beautiful acting by Maurizio Donadoni and Stephan Ferrara.

Maria Gioacchina Stajano Starace Briganti di Panico, has been everything, an incredible character! For his/her time then … My neighbor in the Roman period, I wanted him/her,  on my movie set in Milano. A touch of exaggeration, of outrage, that much of added realism. Necessary.
Close up with the fantastic cast of TENTAZIONI METROPOLITANE
a scene hard to bear, here I am with the eclectic Mirton Vaiani, in the role of kapò.

Premiere at the Int’l Venice Film Festival, from left Narcisa Bonati, Annie Girardot, Gianna Garbelli, Roberto Marelli. The feature film came out with a first title: PORTAGLI I MIEI SALUTI immediately replaced with TENTAZIONI METROPOLITANE aka JAILBIRDS.

Premieres in USA at Napa & Sonoma Valley Film Festival, San Francisco, CA.  So in Los Angeles  at the Italian Culture Institute. And here above, at Casa Italiana Zerilli/Marimò in New York.